Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pack ‘em up and move ‘em out...

It’s time to move to your brand new house.

Well, apartment to be exact. But this little song runs through my head every time I have moved. Counting since I was a child, and including this time, that make 6 states with at least 15 homes, dorms, or temporary apartments. But none have been quite as drawn out and challenging as this move. More on that later.

To complicate matters further, I opted to start a new blog, rather than let my blogging days fizzle. I am moving from Muncie Mama to start sharing in the pleasant surprises and discoveries my family is finding here in Kansas.

And in just over a week, it has surprised me, much more than I expected. While it is not where I imagined living or think I may live for life, it is wowing me in unexpected ways. My husband thought I was trying to be ironic with calling my blog The Hills of Kansas. But the eastern part of the state (at least) is full of rolling, lovely hills. I am finding I am just as thrilled at the bottom (and top) of a huge road hill as my boys. From the back, Elliott will call out "Do we get to go up THAT?"

In that spirit, I wanted to start this blog... for all the wonderful surprises we find in Kansas and are just delighting in.

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  1. My aunt wrote home to her mother "Kansas isn't flat, its a hole." I'm happy to say I found it to be neither, and glad you are seeing it's finer points, too :) Looking forward to a new blog in a new land!