Friday, August 19, 2011

After the storm

Last night a powerful storm can through our area. We got only a part of it, but it felt intense, especially being in a second floor apartment with winds whistling and 'whooing' through the cracks of glass. Power went out, lighting flashed and filled the sky, and rain pelted down so hard we could barely see through it on the balcony. Even a cicada took shelter on our window screen for the duration of the storm.

This morning we found ourselves wondering how the animals at the zoo felt about such a storm. Elliott felt sure they all had shelters and were okay. Since we could pop over and find out, we headed out after tossing a few drinks and snacks in my bag.

The storm did a lot of damage to trees within the park, but the animals were out, doing their regular zoo thing. Oliver was tickled to see the 'raff munching newly fallen leaves. And Elliott enjoyed seeing a trumpeter swan like Louis.

Raff! Raff!

Meeting a Trumpeter Swan like Louis

After the zoo, a relaxing train ride around the park finally afforded me the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the park and train.

The train headed for the tunnel of screams

Oliver and me (ill-timed, getting a chewing picture!)

My favorite nook in Gage Park -
a pond by the rose gardens with bridges and a wishing well

After posting yesterday, thinking nothing could possibly ruin all the good feelings I have forming for Kansas, my mind was changed a bit last night when I started thinking about the power of the storms we might see. A tornado could really come through this area, could really take out this apartment while we hunker down in the laundry room, and that might dampen my fond feelings a bit (maybe more than a bit). Still though, the storms are impressive and until that moment comes, I think I can even find something to enjoy in the storms.

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