Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting to our new home

Parts of this move from Indiana were easy. I had lists telling me what order I wanted to do things in and which calls to make. I had a box with necessary essentials like tape, sharpies, and screwdrivers always at hand. I had a Mike helping with each and every step, doing what was needed from childcare to packing to cleaning to phone calls to furniture break down. I had some boxes already packed from a year before ready to store or pack with us. I had free boxes, saved or passed along from friends. We had done major repairs the year before in anticipation of selling our home.

The part that snuck up out of nowhere (seemingly) was the feeling of needing to hurry. Once we secured a renter for our unsold home, we had a deadline to be out of our house. Additionally, we also had an apartment lease we were paying for. We needed to move by August 1st with no wiggle room even if we encountered delays. So when a job took longer than expected or children interrupted (despite our plans to work mostly when they slept and keeping many toys out of boxes until the last day), it was enough to make me fly off the handle. As much as I hate to admit it, there was frequent yelling, tears, and distractions (read: bribes!) to get through difficult patches - all things that make a transition even harder for the littlest ones of the family. A few of those days I was not proud of the parent I was being. 

But, once the truck was packed and good byes said and inwardly felt by all, the drive out went better than expected. My biggest laugh for the trip was taking the boys into a hotel alone and trying to juggle in all the luggage we needed for the night, plus one very helpful toddler pushing the luggage cart and one chatty boy with a body in constant dancing motion. With many reminders that I was ‘just one mama’, we had a good dinner, swim, and bedtime rest.

With my parents there to help on our first day and movers hauling most of our stuff in the 100+ degree heat, the first day was not too bad. The boys room was quickly readied for sleeping and we said our good byes to Grandma and Grandpa. But with wicked heat still filling the apartment, sleeping in a new place was near impossible for the boys. The next few nights of the boys' new found joys and difficulties of sharing a room got quite stressful on the whole family. Little sleep = crabby family, repeat on day 2, repeat on day 3.

Over the course of a week, despite having a dog in for emergency bladder stone surgery and with some rather lack-luster parenting, we got shelves up, boxes unloaded, and our space to a cozy home. I wish it had been as easy as saying 'Poof!' and it was done. Sitting here now, it does sort of seem that way! To start mending bridges with the boys and relax ourselves, we have made numerous outings to the park across the street and trails just down the road. 

By spending time walking and exploring, I feel myself and see my boys unwinding a bit. While a move is stressful for the work involved and the friends, family, and home we have moved away from, having something new and wonderful to explore has made all the difference these past two weeks. It just might help us get back to the place we want to be as a family.

And to help you visualize this whole move, here are a slew of photos! To start, take 4 pack rats living in a 3 bedroom home with garage and move them into a 2 bedroom apartment with storage only with space still in Indiana. This is what you get…

The living room, before and after

Our bedroom, before and after (including the Closet of Crap)

Boys' Room (without showing their Closet of Crap, and yes, it is full)


And a happy little nutella boy, pleased with the progress


  1. Wow wow, your place looks great. I can't even imagine moving and all of what you've had to do.... big pat on the back to you. And you have time now to blog too. :) you rock

  2. boy you have such a gift at making beautiful living spaces. It looks great.

  3. I agree with Amanda and Noelle - nice job! I can't believe how much you pulled together so quickly! Now just try to enjoy it! :o)