Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyone gets a break sometime

Elliott must have sensed the level of tension building or finally the day played out just right to encourage self-entertainment. After the boys lending a hand to start the laundry, I took the boys to the park and out for lunch. Once home, the rush was on. Oliver needed to eat his lunch and get down for a nap. I had to get the laundry, unload a few bags from the car, take out the trash, and take Addison out to the bathroom. All of it needed done immediately. I put Elliott to duty supervising Oliver while I handled other issues. After Oliver was finished eating, I asked (well, told) Elliott to read Oliver his stories, tuck him in and close the door. Elliott was a tremendous help, depsite Oliver's escape tactics. Then, oh, the wonderful, then, Elliott filled his time with a the five objects pictured below. Over the course of an hour, while I made cinnamon rolls and cut veggies, he assmebled a few legos in new patterns, sketched the wagon and lego vehicle, and told a few stories to himself. After that he requested more help from me to write a letter, get out paintbrushes, and listen to his stories. But what a nice reprive from the normal demands, requests, and chatter of the past few days. Something aligned today to make it happen. Now, how to make it happen again??

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  1. Whoa so let me get this straight.. They helped you do laundry, AND Elliot tucked in Oliver for his nap!? You are doing SOMETHING VERY RIGHT!!! lol