Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elliott, the family photographer

While I posted to Facebook about Elliott’s picture taking over a month ago, tonight as he snapped a quick shot of our neighbor, I revisited his photos. I am so glad I did. He has an interest in capturing things around him. He sees things so differently than Mike or I. And while I have to delete so many blurry or glaring bright photos, he manages to sneak some really good ones in too. They all capture a little bit of our days, things I would never think to photograph. The angle is different from his short five-year-old height. What subject matter he finds interesting is so varied. And his photos of himself are hilarious, even all the penis pictures I keep finding. 

So I had to share a few tonight, not cropped or edited, just leaving them the way Elliott took them. But I chose not to include the horrid Mommy and Daddy ones he always manages to get. The half closed eyes, the haggard, sleep deprived looks during diaper changes. I keep them, but I will never share them.

And not the penis pictures. Good for a laugh, but not for sharing!

Hike at MacLennan Park, Topeka

A favorite pose

Street sweeper... one of many Lego pictures

Oliver (Elliott's pics of Oliver are my favorite find on the camera)

Dress up + use of the timer feature = weird picture

Definitely not a moment I would have chosen for a photo, but part of the day is trying to get Mommy out of bed

Oliver is still trying

Love that little boy grin!

Another favorite of his... funny faces, straight on

testing the timer for a family photo

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