Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Have In Mind

I am always amazed when I am hit by a thought or realization so powerful it takes my breath away or feels like I could be running into a wall. And often, it may seem so obvious or has been thought about by so many others.

The other night it struck me that no one knows me – every single thing about me. What I do, what I think, kind or nasty things I think about. I have some friends that know a bit about me, another group of friends that know other things, family members that know some other aspects about me, and a spouse that knows most everything. But no one knows it all. Well, except me. And it felt extremely isolating at first – to realize I could not have everyone know everything about me and be able to share that with someone. But it also felt a bit good too… like I have secrets all to myself. And, I suppose the bigger (and weirder thought) if I have secrets and a million thoughts a day no one else knows, what the hell is the woman next to me like in their mind? Or the guy a few feet away?

So obvious, but very overwhelming at the moment.

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